Meet BlackFeet Films Inc.

Video Production & Content Creative Company Based in Brooklyn, NY

BLACKFEET FILMS, INC. is a media content provider that specializes in High Quality, competitive and creative, story based productions. We produce and develop long and short form content for television, digital, private, government and educational clients.

BlackFeet Films has provided pre/post production work for 100s of television programs throughout many major television networks. Our award winning service range from series to news, award shows, behind the scenes documentaries and docu-series.

Among our clients


From concept to completion, we work across all genres to tell your story and deliver high quality results.
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When you’re ready to release that new product, or need a press junket or a behind the scenes look at your new film we have you covered. From actor profiles, fashion shoots to conferences and tech events, we will work with our clients to make an effective and successful promotional video

Digital Video Production

From broadcast to social media, it’s easier to get your product or service viewed by a large audience. We are experienced in the production of television spots, music videos and web commercials offering original concepts and high quality production.

Gaming Videos

Gaming is an expanding market and nothing is growing faster than eSports. We offer creative and detailed tournament coverage along with compelling profiles of the teams, players and sponsors as they become tomorrow (e)sports stars. We also offer event coverage, game releases and interviews.

Training Video Services

A successful training video should educate and engage your audience. We work closely with our clients to develop the best approach to send their message, from fitness to retail and everything in between.

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Shalako L. Gordon
Founder/Executive Producer

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